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Stuff About Me

I work as a Behavioral Scientist at the RAND Corporation, in Santa Monica. and a professor of quantitative methods at the Pardee RAND Graduate School.  There's more stuff about me here. You can, if you like, jump straight to my publications.

Stuff About Books

Applying Regression and Correlation: A Guide for Students and Researchers

by Jeremy Miles and Mark Shevlin.
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Applying Regression Blog

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

by Jeremy Miles
Cover of research methods book

This book is now out of print - you can read it for free (and edit it, if you like) at
Learning Statistics blog

Body Shame: Conceptualisation, Research and Treatment

edited by Paul Gilbert and Jeremy Miles
Cover of Body Shame

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More information (publisher's site).

A Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical and Health Psychology

edited by Jeremy Miles and Paul Gilbert
Cover of Research Methods in Clinical and Health Psychology
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More information (publisher's site)

Using Statistics in Psychology Research

by Jeremy Miles and Phil Banyard.
Cover of Using and Understanding Statstics in Psychology

Discovering Statistics Using SAS

By Andy  Field and Jeremy Miles
Cover of Discovering Statistics Using SAS

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More information (publisher's site)

Other Stuff

  • Tables of significant values. I can never, ever find a table when I want one. So I've put them here, at least I'll be able to find them here. Pearson correlation, and Student's t.
  • Path diagrams. I draw a lot of path diagrams, for structural equation models, using PowerPoint. I find the easiest way to draw one is to take an old one and recycle it. So here's my collection, for you to share.
  • Introduction to Power Analysis. This is a paper I wrote, ooh, ages ago, for a handout at a talk I did. It's surprisingly popular, but I really should update it.
  • Moving to America. I did it, I wrote about it.
  • I teach a course at the University of Essex Social Science Data Analysis and Collection Summer School., it's called Applying Regression.

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